It is the mission of A. Kolychkine Judo Foundation Inc. to continue Sensei André Kolychkine’s noble and historic legacy of proudly teaching our children and adults regardless of their age or gender, the wholesome and nuanced principles of Judo as an Olympic sport, as a martial art, a means of self-defense and a way of life while fostering the attributes of discipline, respect, rectitude, courage, loyalty and honor. All benefiting and enriching the present and future of all its students.

A. Kolychkine Judo Foundation Inc. is committed to developing its students’ potential for physical and mental cultivation through the focused study and rigorous practice of the Olympic sport of Judo as well as through the other martial arts it also offers. It intends to provide its students strong bodies and tenacious minds, building great and admirable degrees of dedication and responsibility in them. It looks firmly to help craft young men and women into exemplary citizens, outstanding leaders and esteemed wardens of their communities.

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Sensei André Kolychkine

Who was André Kolychkine?

André Kolychkine Thomson was the founder of Pan-American Judo in Cuba. Master Kolychkine, black belt 8th degree, developed the “new didactic of Judo” a comprehensive new approach to Judo teaching with a Ph.D. in education. Master Kolychkine passed away in 1997, one day after his 84th birthday.

His closest disciples, professionals from different parts of the world, honor him trying to extend his formative teachings through A. Kolychkine Judo Foundation.